Skyalps flights Bolzano

Regional airline with DASH-8-Q-400 (76 passengers)

From 13 December, twice-weekly flights between Bolzano and London - on Wednesdays and Sundays (from December)

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22.03. 2024 - 06.01.2025


Since the end of May 2020 the European travel insurance has been offering full insurance cover despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The hotel cancellation insurance products of the European travel insurance cover the following reasons in the event of cancellation or trip interruption by the guest:

  • Illness of the guest with Covid-19;
  • Illness of a close relative or a person living in the same household with Covid-19 and the guest's presence at home is urgently required;
  • Fever and suspected coronavirus, even if the test result is later negative;
  • a positive test result without symptoms;
  • a close relative in the shared household is ill and the guest must be quarantined.

There is no insurance cover:  

  • if the guest is classified as a high-risk person and therefore does not wish to travel for fear of infection;
  • due to an officially imposed precautionary quarantine on return to the home country;
  • in the event of loss of employment due to redundancies caused by the pandemic
  • in the event of border closures, hotel closures imposed by the authorities, lockdown by the government (discontinuation of the basis of the accommodation contract - no cancellation costs may be charged by the landlord).